Dancing to The Hotcakes’ “Lucky Girl”

Like I said… I couldn’t help it.  Some dance moves I picked up from Erin Marsz, of The Hotcakes, herself.  Some I picked up from Jacob, some from Mallory, and some from my childhood self.Disco hoodies, favorite vintage navy hats, prom dresses and stuff.

Excuse the quality.  Photobooth was being a d-bag.  Also, being pixelated is like the cool thing to be these days.  Duh.  It’s not that serious.

BUT HEY, if you want to dance with me come to the EP Release Show this Saturday, 11PM at Arlene’s Grocery!

Music: The Hotcakes- “Lucky Girl” from their new EP “Gonna Go Out!”

My new favorite hat: from the awesome Quality Mending Company

This is super cute!